Hostas have aroused the interest of botanists in several countries, and more and more of them began to research and improve this group of plants. The research work resulted in the publication of several books about Hostas, first from American writers:

Paul Aden THE HOSTA BOOK The first book containing also colour pictures. The writer is one of the greatest Hosta improvers of the USA, almost 220 species can be connected to him. Publisher: Timber Press 1988 Portland, Oregon USA
W.Georg Schmid THE GENUS HOSTA It is a genuine summarising work, Bible of Hosta-lovers on 428 pages. It covers the botany, morphology, history and origin of Hostas, illustrated with 200 colour pictures. A separate capture includes the wild and improved species known till then. Publisher: Timber Press 1991 Portland, Oregon USA
Mark Ziliz THE HOSTA HANDBOOK The hand-book exhibits 278 Hosta species with 300 colour photos on 600 pages. Publisher: Q&Z Nursery 2001 11409 East Flagg Road Rochelle IL.61068 USA
In addition to the American researchers, English botanists having great traditions of horticulture also joined to the camp of Hosta researchers:
Diana Grenfell HOSTA THE FLOWERING FOLIAGE PLANT The book covers Hostas on 208 pages, illustrated with 48 colour pictures. Publisher: B.T. Batsford Ltd. 1990 London
Diana Grenfell HOSTAS Publisher: The Hardy Pland Society 1993 Worcestershire
Diana Grenfell THE GARDENERS’ GUIDE TO GROWING HOSTAS The book is the part of a series, which show various genera of ornamentals on 160 pages, with many colour pictures. Publisher: David and Charles 1996 Timber Press 1996 Newton Abbot Portland, Oregon
Grenfell & Shadrack THE COLOR ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HOSTAS The book is the newest publication about Hostas, on 407 pages with 750 colour pictures. Publisher: Timber Press 2004 Portland, Cambridge, USA
S. Bond HOSTAS Publisher: Word Lock 1992 London
Published in Germany:
F. Köhlein HOSTA – FUNKIEN Publisher: Ulmer 1993 Stuttgart
As a member of the Amreican Hosta Society (AHS) and the British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society (BHHS), I have many magazines, catalogues published several years ago as well as the descriptions of about 3000 species and versions, so with pleasure I am at your service in technical questions.