The main purpose of the National Hosta Collection is keeping, showing and expansion. I am pleased to offer species of my collection for exchange and look forward to offers of exchange! Most part of the species indicated in the catalogue can be purchased (priced list). Usually I get my Hostas from foreign gardens and collectors in small size separated with one or two buds, and they grow slowly. Therefore only a fraction of my collection has reached by now the size that can be propagated. There are such species the stem of which I cannot cut. I can put down you for them. The piece number of the propagated species is also restricted, it is 2-3 stems per year for several of them. You can purchase the Hostas on site or through mail. Mailing of the Hostas causes no problem, they can be sent with free roots from spring to autumn. The plants will be delivered C.O.D. (cash on delivery), with the mailing costs charged, too. Please inform me previously about your intent to purchase!